Speaker’s Topics

Speakers are very versatile. While they can discuss about their disability or physical conditions, they do talk about aspects of disability based on their personal experiences. There are speakers who specialize only on one or two topic areas. However, there are others who are happy to talk about a range of issues and topics. You will find that some of them cut across various topic themes. Listed below are some of the many topics around disability covered by Speakers Bank:

Topic 1: Workers in the Sector

Topic 2: Accessibility 

Topic 3: Employment

  • all speakers

Topic 4: Community involvement

Topic 5: Human rights

  • all speakers

Topic 6: Parenthood

Topic 7: Achievements

Topic 8: Youth

Topic 9: NDIS

Topic 10: Technology

Topic 11: Education

Topic 12: Cultural attitudes

  • all speakers

Topic 13: Communication

  • all speakers

Topic 14: Access to funding

  • all speakers

Topic 15: Life choices

Topic 16: Mental health

Topic 17: Leadership

  • all speakers

Topic 18: Health

  • all speakers

Topic 19: Autism


Topic 20: Carers

Topic 21: Relationships

  • all speakers

Topic 22: Peer support

  • all speakers

Topic 23: Accidents/Trauma

Topic 24: Business-related

Topic 25: Networking

  • all speakers

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Needing 2 or more speakers in an event?

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