Samson Hailu


I was born with Cerebral Palsy in 1993 in Ethiopia.

My passion for advocacy comes from fact, not only in my own experiences living with a disability,

but the way other people with a disability in the community.

Not only by society, but the system that is designed to help us to live as equals. 

Also, to take away the stigma of being the disability

I am determined to educate myself and to be a successful somebody.

I finished my Certificates and Diploma of Community Services to equip me as a professional associate.

Australia did a great job educating me as I learned all the basic academics here, reading, writing and speaking English which I was able to learn quickly.

I am an active member of different multiple organizations to showcase my skills, knowledge, attitude and experience such as Cerebral palsy and disability sector.

First and foremost, I am a devoted Christian, supporting and respecting every humankind.

I am creative as evidenced by my Youtube vlogging and a writer for creative journalism for the write ups.  I have a strong interest in the rights of less fortunate people because whether you have a disability or not, you should have the same right as anybody else.  Equal rights, equal opportunity. Same opportunities.  

I am passionate about urging everyone to change their perspective on not to see us differently because of our disability but to see us as an equal person.

“I love public speaking and what I want my public speaking to do is to inspire people with disability and also to educate society that we are not so much different. We want people to work with us to achieve our dreams and aspirations because we all have dreams and aspirations.”

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