Rocca Salcedo

I migrated from Colombia to Australia around 20 years ago to pursue my studies in International Law at the University of Melbourne. Little did I know that my life would take a new turn in Melbourne after being hit by a car which caused me to become paraplegic owing to a spinal cord injury.

To live the life I am living now, I faced many challenges but always overcame them with great determination. I’ve previously worked as radio host on the community radio 3ZZZ, I have also worked at various NGOs and is still currently involved in the disability sector working for the Disability Services Commissioner.

On top of these commitments, I still take some time to play tennis and badminton where our team, Ability Para-Badminton Club, were finalists in the Disability Sports & Recreation awards, I’ve started a para-dance group called Dance N Roll with the purpose to encourage people with physical disabilities to dance, enjoy music and be physically active and I’ve been learning and playing the violin for the past five years and am part of the Eltham Orchestra.

I am an ambassador of This Girl Can Vic. The first woman in a wheelchair, promoting physical activity and exercise for women regardless of their ability, age, and ethnicity.

I am a Victorian Disability Award 2021 awardee.

I am a nominee in the Brendan Gabe leadership Award 2021, an award from the Women with Disabilities Victoria.

In my presentations, I use myself as an example to challenge common stereotyping of people with disabilities by the community.

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