Peter Thomson

I have been involved with helping to make life fairer for people with a disability for over 20 years.

In April 1996 I was pinned between two cars in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver which has left me with severe damage to both legs and the need to walk with crutches and eventually with time I will probably become wheelchair bound.

Since the accident my involvement in the disability sector has increased substantially; to name a few of my commitments, I’ve been a speaker for Road Trauma Support Services Victoria for 10 years, I speak to road offenders who are ordered by the courts to complete a Road Trauma support Services seminar as a road trauma survivor. I am the vice chairperson of the Brimbank Disability Network group, we advocate for people with disability for the council to make changes to assist in the disability area. Nine years ago, I completed a leadership course with the Brimbank Council and we formed the Brimbank Leadership Alumni which now has approximately 500 members. I am a member on the Brimbank Disability Advisory committee. In the last eight months I have become a volunteer with Brimbank Community register, we contact the elderly and disabled people who are isolated or on their own weekly, fortnightly and monthly to chat with them and help make community connections.

My speaker gigs can be tailored to the organisation, I speak about my life pre-accident and post-accident, road trauma and the effects. I want to show to people that even though you lose some of your abilities you can still make a difference in many other ways. I am very passionate about equal opportunities for people with disabilities and refuse to surrender to anything less.


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