Nathan Slachter

I am a 26 years old and have successfully completed year 12 VCE.
I was born 5 months premature which caused cerebral palsy. I did not talk till age 3.
Although many obstacles have stood in his way, I has overcome them.
If not for my faith and trust in God, I would not be where I am today.
I would like to break down the stereotypes that stand between people with disabilities and gaining friendships and relationships with others. I would like people to know that people with disabilities are the same as any other human being and that what you look like should not determine what people think of you.
I have accomplished a lot since joining Speakers Bank, and I will be delighted to share with you what those are. I currently reside on the Gold Coast studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in journalism and am also currently working with Annecto to bring Speakers Bank to the Gold Coast

For more information about Nathan please contact Speakers Bank’s Project Officer on 03 9314 0988.

Watch Nathan’s Video: