Nathan Slachter

My name is Nathan, I’m currently 27 and living in Queensland with my wife. I was born 5 months premature which caused severe cerebral palsy. As a result I did not talk till the age of 3 or meet most childhood milestones at the average age. I have had to overcome many obstacles over my life but it is the faith and trust in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that I have been able to accomplish all that I have so far.

My aim as a speaker is to increase society’s acceptance of those with disabilities, advocate for better services and create a more accessible future. I believe it’s important for others to know that those of us with disabilities are just like everyone else, we just may need a little more understanding and care. My biggest achievement was meeting and marrying the love of my life, Kerryanne, and we hope to someday start a family of our own. As for now we enjoy spending time together and working together with Speakers Bank.


For more information about Nathan please contact Speakers Bank’s Project Officer on 03 9314 0988.

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