Michael McNeill

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and at two was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I believe that, nearly 30 years later, I am still learning about the different aspects of his disabilities.

I attended main stream schools with an integration aide. I remember being a victim of bullying throughout my schooling despite all the efforts of my parents and school staff in trying to educate classmates about my disabilities.

Since a young age, I’ve made it a point to work whilst studying, and was able to find part time jobs at the cinemas and fast food chains. Soon after finishing school, I started actively looking for full time jobs with the support of employment agencies.  I have been able to work in various administrative, call centre and customer service roles in organisations such as Fairfax with Salmat, Public Service and the Fire Brigade amongst many others. I hold a TAFE qualification in Business to increase my employability.

I would now like to share with the community my experience of being a student with a disability and the challenges I encounter to be part of the Australian workforce.


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