Maria Umer

My name is Maria Umer.

I   have a visually impaired Disability.

I have always wanted to live my life to the fullest by inspiring others and excited to be an advocate for mankind.

I’m an achiever, a dreamer, teacher, career oriented,  entrepreneur, program consultant and a loving mum to my babies.

I have a  three year old  loving  son and two  four legged babies who are part of our family.  One is a five year old German Shepherd dog, his name is Oscar.  The other one is a seven month old Saint Bernard puppy and his name is Bruno.

I have a loving husband and very supportive parents.

They are my precious and treasured wealth.

My son is a living miracle.  Such a grace, a blessing.  I am a very cautious mother because of my circumstance.  I want only the best for my son.

Swimming is one aspect that brought an impact in my life.  It’s the love of water, nature and calm effect of the waves.

I am a swimmer and proudly good at it in state competition level.

Even Though I encountered challenges in my life, I never give up.

I said to myself “Life is a challenge, and life is beautiful”

I  achieved my goals and ambitions through the support of my family.  I founded my own business such as retail store, fuel station and restaurant.  I am also a Program Consultant to banking and finance companies, business analyst, IT Software and Telecomm.  Where there is problem, I am there to back up and solve.  It is a big challenge for me as I rely on others to read the documentation for me in all aspects that I deal with.  Trusting people is my language in order to do something worthwhile.

Another principle in life that I truly believe, someone inspired me and said this to me ” TO DREAM IS HAPPINESS and FAITH IS LIFE”

Empowering and inspiring women, one of the most noble jobs that I am humbly happy to gain.

Teaching is another fulfillment.  Teaching the minds to be powerful and at the same time to gain knowledge with right skills and proper attitude. Teaching the young ones to mold them to a better individual

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