Loretta Martin

Loretta Martin sitting at her desk

Loretta is one of Speakers Bank’s carer-speakers. She is a mother of three adult sons and a daughter. Her husband passed away in 2013 after being blind and ill for a period of ten years.

She holds a Bachelor of Business (Administration) and a Diploma in Project Management. She was in the workforce for a period of over twenty five years. It was a great experience working with the Victorian Government, as a secretary to the Chief Judge at the County Court and with the Registrar in the Adoption Section. Latterly, after attending a Bridging Course, she moved to the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, and worked with the Investment Facilitation Unit, dealing with the Overseas Offices of the Department and the Financial Management and Administration Unit. Also initially worked with private enterprise for a few years.

She was a keen sportswoman and participated in sprinting, hurdles and high jumps. Also played hockey for eight years playing for the state of Rajasthan in India on a national basis. When she came to Australia she played hockey for Footscray for a couple of years.

Despite a busy lifestyle Loretta finds time to learn ballroom and new vogue dancing.

During her working career, her husband Bill had a stroke in 2003 which unfortunately left him totally blind. Two years later in 2005 he had a second stroke, which took away his wellbeing and left him with a speech impediment.

For the first three years Loretta juggled working and looking after her husband, utilising various services available to her to care for him. During that time she developed the understanding, skills and knowledge on disability to evolve into a carer’s role. After three years of assessing the situation on managing Bill part time, Loretta realised the time had come to embrace the role of caring for him fulltime.

Loretta is an active member of the Lions Club of Sunshine. As well as currently doing voluntary work for annecto “the people’s network”.

Loretta would like to share the challenges and triumphs that faced her and her experience of learning and development she gained from those ten years. She says, “Caring is not so daunting, she has no regrets, JUST BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES TO LIVE ON”.

For more information about Loretta please contact Speakers Bank’s Project Officer on 03 9314 0988 or email speakersbank@annecto.org.au