Lita Vickers

I have worked in Community Services for over a decade with experience in Special Schools, Adult Day Centres, Residential Services and Respite, developing a strong understanding for the industry but more importantly, people. I went on to become a Community Strengthening Officer for Local Government plus spent many years as a Locum Case Manager, so I could continue my passion for travel.

In 2011, whilst settled into a permanent role as a Senior Case Manager for adults with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) I acquired my own brain injury as the result of a cycling accident. I was fortunate to not have any medical issues nevertheless I obtained a significant concussion. My intellect was not affected however I was operating at a reduced capacity and with memory difficulties. Returning to work was difficult and despite perhaps my employer’s best intentions, the working relationship broke down as circumstances proved that I fell into the small percentile that would take over a year to recover, resulting in a loss of employment. The openness of another employer resulted in me finding an employer that was happy for me to work part-time and gradually increase my days. I had been advised that post-concussion syndrome never takes longer than two years to recover however I’ve found very different information from America, and my experience has also proved it wrong.

I have a very open approach and will share my combined knowledge from my profession and personal experience in the hope that employers and Human Resource departments learn how to translate formal policies into a respectful process, and to assist the general community to better understand the difficulties people face when they have a disability and/or mental health condition, especially when they are not visible to the eye.


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