Kathryn Tomkins

I started my volunteer journey with Speakers Bank doing different activities and supporting other speakers. However, I expressed a desire to be a speaker myself, and I’m continuously working with Speakers Bank to achieve my dream. Speakers Bank is providing me with speaking opportunities and I’m also a member of the Speakers Bank Podcast team who regularly sits on a chair with other colleagues talking about topical issues around disability.

I talk to schools and early childhood centres on what was it like to be that kid amongst a group of other children with a mild intellectual disability and how I had to cope with difficulties at a young age. I have just been offered a position at a childcare centre I did a speaker presentation at about disability. I also talk about resilience and determination and recall my work experiences and my current job as a baby sitter.

I’m currently doing an art class and screen printing which I really enjoy. I love arts and experimenting with it. I perform as a fiddle player at bush dances and am very social in my community.


For more information about Kathryn, please contact Speakers Bank’s Project Officer on 03 9314 0988 or email speakersbank@annecto.org.au.


Watch Kathryn’s video: