Effie Meehan

I was born with Cerebral Palsy and comes from a Greek background. I has been working in the disability field for over thirty years. In 2006, in recognition of my work, I was included among the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

My previous life experiences encouraged me to be involved in setting up an organisation known as Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities (ADEC). In 1982 ADEC was the first organisation in Australia to provide support for people with disabilities and their families within ethnic communities.

On top of my busy professional life, I’m a mother of two and grandmother of three. Building a family was another struggle in my life as at that time there was no information or support available for people with disabilities who have children. Therefore, I set up a parent disability community project at Yooralla to support parents with disabilities, and to advise them of their rights.

I am able to talk to your audience about the importance of seeing the capabilities of a person rather than their limitations with regards to employment, especially in the disability field. I am also available to speak about my experience of being a parent with a disability.


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