Speakers Bank at Monash University (Peninsula Campus) in Frankston

July 13 2016 Speakers Bank speaker Michael Burrowes is addressing students at Monash University’s Department of Occupational Therapy, in Frankston on the use of assistive technology to help people with disability to communicate.   Linda Blaik, a Speakers Bank speaker is talking to Occupational Therapy students at Monash University on how she utilises a number […]

Adua Merola Rosso: Me and My Guide Dog Sabrina

Adua Merola Rosso finally got a guide dog in July 2015. She adores Sabrina and is very happy to have her in Adua’s life. Adua notes that she and Sabrina are perfectly matched due to their personalities. Both being active, they bonded really well.  In this video, Adua shares how Sabrina helps her and gives […]

Riki Domagalski: Issues Around Employment for a Person with a Disability

In this 10-minute video, Riki expounds on some of the issues that a person with a disability faces with regards to securing employment. She also talks about her particular disability – vision impairment that really make it difficult to find a suitable workplace that would accommodate her special needs. Towards the end of the video […]

Michael McNeill: My Disability and Employment Prospects

In this short video blog (Q and A format with Speakers Bank Project Officer Mimi Laurilla), Michael describes his work experiences and what it is like, how he copes with issues and challenges.   Watch it below (click link to access the video) https://youtu.be/vhFWbiIoy-g

Effie Meehan: I am a Doll Collector

In this blog I would like to talk about my hobby which is doll collecting. I have a massive collection of dolls  — about 1000 different dolls and each one has its own special story. One story that I can share is about one particular doll. It is about a 100 year-old doll that my […]

What does being a Disability Advocate Mean to Me? Effie Speaks….

Hello my name is Effie and I am a volunteer speaker for Speakers Bank. I am also the Disability Ambassador for ADEC (Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities) . I started my paid role as a  Disability Ambassador two years ago in ADEC.  I go to disability  agencies mainly  to  talk about ADEC history  and […]