My Radio and Other Career Experiences

Contributed by Nathan Slachter   I currently work in breakfast radio show for Get Cereal at SYN 90.7 FM. I have also previously launched my own radio show called Nation Builders which is currently in hiatus. For more information please visit this site: I also work on the care line which is a national […]

My Aspirations About Living Independently Some Day

Contributed by Storm Robbins   In today’s blog, I will talk about my goal of living independently one day. The reason why I want to be independent is because I want to feel like I am able-bodied person instead of having to rely on others for help all the time. I worry about my future […]

Sharing my Learning About Job Interviews to Other Job Interviewees Out there

Contributed by Storm Robbins In today’s blog I will be talking about my experience at the wear for success office where I had to do a workshop on improving my chances at a job interview. The main thing I have learnt in that workshop was to “sell your good points” but also make sure “your […]

V/Line Accessibility Action Plan 2015-2018

  Contributed by Brian Caccianiga   V/Lines accessibility Action Plan has been in motion now for the past 3 years with the most recent annual Forum on Dec 3rd 2015.  This is the second year I have attended. The AAP 2015-2018 was developed to lead the business in taking meaningful steps to improve accessibility to […]

Blood Sweat and Tears – The Unashamed and Inevitable Struggle

    Written by Evan Bichara Born in Egypt. Having also Greek ancestry. Still currently – speaking fluently both foreign languages. Evan Migrated with his family. Mum, Dad and his two wonderful sisters to a land…..what was then and is more of today a very Multicultural society. That society was to be Australia. Therefore – […]

A “Dignity Experience”: What It Means to Me

    Written by Evan Bichara [note from Speakers Bank: We thank Evan for sharing this piece; it was one of those he wrote a while back as part of his advocacy work] An experience when I felt that I was treated with dignity was when I was awarded the Victorian Mental Health Community Award […]

More Insights to my Day: A Day in the Life of Michael

    Written by Michael Burrowes When I am just at home, I keep myself busy by doing everyday household little jobs. I try to be of much help as I can.  I help with doing the dishes after everyone finishes with dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I take the rubbish out in the […]

My Experience and Challenges of Looking after my Toddler Nephew

Written by Storm Robbins Having a disability is tough enough, but then imagine trying to look after a toddler as well. In this blog Iwant to share with you some of the challenges that my mum and I have to  contend with when looking after a my nephew toddler.  Time Management. The first issue is […]

Living Independently: What My Daily Life is Like

  Written by Michael Burrowes My story begins about 3 years ago this December, I have moved into assisted supportive housing in Box Hill North. I share a house with 3 girls and 2 boys. As years went by I have started to develop my “independence living skills” such as making my bed, doing my […]